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As you have probably guessed, the Text Company loves text – well-written texts that put the right message across.
We offer two types of service:

• Translation into most European languages
• Improving Dutch and English texts

What kind of texts does The Text Company translate?

Website texts
For example – you have a website and want certain pages to be available in English. It is a frequently made mistake to think that your colleagues can just do this themselves. The Text Company will ensure that you have website pages that really impress.
Of course, a website is never a finished product, so we are also happy to contribute to keeping your website fresh and up-to-date.

Texts for internal and external communication
For example: press releases, news bulletins and newsletters, annual reports, presentations, blogs

These things shouldn’t be left to the variable quality of your employees. The question is, who is the target group, and what do they expect? Well-translated texts by The Text Company always make the right impression.

You may need to make a presentation to a German customer, for instance. Send the presentation to us and we will ensure that the customer will understand every nuance, so you can rest assured your arguments are coming across when you make the pitch.

Promotional, creative texts
For example: audio scripts, product descriptions, testimonials

It’s no easy task translating an attractive promotional text – an overly literal translation or using a limited vocabulary are easy traps to fall into.

You can expect our translators to be creative, with highly developed language skills, and therefore able to retain exactly the right tone and character of your text in another language.

Commercial legal documents
For example: contracts, terms & conditions of delivery, offers, general terms & conditions, framework agreements

Nothing is more important than that these documents are absolutely correct, down to the last comma. We have the right professional translators for the job – they do this kind of work every day.

Technical documents
For example: manuals for devices and software

A good manual or set of instructions should be accurate, clear and to-the-point. The user has to know exactly what s/he has to do to operate the device or software correctly. The Text Company has translators who can do this for you.

Let us know if your text is not listed above. We will be happy to help.

Need a better text?

The Text Company does more than translation. We can also edit and correct your Dutch and English texts.

What can we fix for you?

• ‘My text doesn’t read well’
• ‘I think there may be grammatical errors’
• ‘I know what I want to say – but does my text actually say that?’

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