The Text Company translation services

The Text Company takes over where GoogleTranslate lets you down.
We will ensure that your documents and products are really translated – not only will your text be in another language, it will be correct and appropriate to the culture and commercial environment of the country in question.

Does your website need to be in German and English? Do you need to send a quote to a client in Italy – tomorrow? Or would you like a professional eye run over your English-language newsletter?

The Text Company is happy to help with all of these. The Text Company is a professional translation agency based in Utrecht that has been supplying translations into almost every European language for 18 years.

How we work

We believe in long-term relationships with both our clients and our translators. We have been working with most of our freelance, full-time, experienced translators since our agency was founded in 2000.

Reliable contacts are vital in guaranteeing quality and prompt delivery.

Specialist translators

The Text Company provides translations into almost every European language. The translation work is carried out only by highly experienced translators with a specific, academic qualification, working in their native language. From our network, we will select the translator who best suits your text.

After all, some translators are more at home in legal documents, while others are particularly adept at corporate communications texts.

What does The Text Company translate?

• website texts
• texts for internal and external communication (news bulletins, newsletters, press releases)
• technical documents such as manuals for devices and software
• legal documents (contracts, general terms & conditions, framework agreements)
• promotional, creative texts (audio scripts, product descriptions, testimonials)

Let us know if your text is not listed above. We will be happy to help.

Why choose The Text Company?

• good price/quality ratio
• clear, hassle-free communication and a guaranteed quick response
• always solution-oriented
• extras such as improving your Dutch and English texts

Contact us

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or for a quote. For a quick quote, send us the text that needs to be translated, stating the languages into which you would like it translated.

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